December 17, 2012

Multiple WiFi prompters on a budget

An affordable WiFi teleprompting system with centralized scripting and playback, using technology from Datavideo, Teradek and IntraTec, has been put together by the UK-based European distributor Holdan.

With this system, which uses Datavideo’s iPad and iPhone prompter kits, scripts loaded into the tablet can be played back via the speed controller to give the presenter complete control.

Now Holdan has integrated wireless streaming technology to enable remote playout to any number of prompting screens from a central PC controlled by the studio manager.

Co-ordinating scripts between prompters in this way allows presenters to read the same text from differently positioned screens around a studio. The scripts can be sent to multiple iPad-based prompters within a range of 30 metres.

This centralized approach means that any last minute edits can be made live and relayed instantly to each screen.

The wireless system is based on the Teradek Cube mini encoder combined with an IntraTec Bridge high-powered WiFi transmitter. Scripts are produced on a PC or laptop using the freely available MirrorScript tool. The scripts are streamed to any iPad-based prompter running the free Teracentral app.

The iPads, housed in Datavideo TP-300 cue kits, become fully automated distributed teleprompter systems that can be remotely controlled and updated immediately from a central point.

“This type of distributed teleprompting system used to be the reserve of broadcast TV studios. Now web studios, video studios and local TV stations can liberate their presenters from being tied to a single prompter, while centralized playback control gives the studio manager total control over the pacing of a story,” explained Richard Payne, Holdan’s Technical Development Manager.

The Holdan WiFi Teleprompting Solution should cost less than £1,500 (+ VAT) for a dual wireless teleprompter system (excluding the PC and any iPads).

By David Fox