September 09, 2012

Ronin on the rack

Ninja 2, Canon C500 and Samurai
We're used to seeing Atomos Ninja and Samurai units attached to cameras, but it has now launched a version of the popular field recorders for the studio and OB market with a new rack-mountable version. 

The Ronin can switch between battery, mains and DC (D-tap) power, giving it “triple redundancy, which is perfect for OBs,” said Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young.

Battery, mains and D-tap power
Two can fit in a rack, but it also has flip-up feet for desktop use, and can run just off batteries for portable use. The units have dual XLR audio i/o, serial interface for deck control (and can also be triggered from cameras and switchers), and will record ProRes or DNxHD. A unit will cost $2,195 (about €1,650), but the Ronin Duo (with two units in a rack mount will be $3,995 (about €3,000). It can also offer HDMI i/o if used with Atomos’ Connect convertor products and should ship in the New Year.

Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young with his Samurai portrait.
Also on show is a prototype: the Recordinator, another rack-mountable unit built for a customer who does chat shows and wanted a recording system that the director could easily start/stop – via large, friendly buttons. It can have quad recording (with mirroring or ISO feeds) and works with Samurai or Ronin units, which can be used to add metadata to the recordings.

Hague Camslide Easyglide + PH200

Hague Camera Support is one of those companies that always manages to come up with an affordable bit of kit to buy on a tight budget. [I own one of its DSLR Camframes]. If you need a camera mounting doohickey the Hague website will usually have what you need.

Here at IBC it is showing its latest low-cost slider, the Camslide Easyglide, which offers smoother movement thanks to new internal low-friction bearings. The system, costing from £180, is designed to be simple to set up and includes an extra wide track and 105mm-wide/100mm-long carriage for extra stability.

It supports up to 8kg and comes in lengths of 1m or 64cm (which can be joined for extra length). The camera can be fastened directly to the carriage, or an optional video or ball levelling head can be used between the camera and carriage. The slider can be mounted on a tripod, table or floor.

It is also showing an “affordable” remote control power head that it claims is about half the price of some of its nearest rivals.

The new PH200 Pro Remote Pan + Tilt Power Head is said to be ideal for use on tripods or jibs (such Hague’s K12 Multi Jib), has variable speed as well as a joystick remote, and supports cameras weighing up to 5kg.

Arri Alexa offers film look for studio

The Arri Alexa and Milan Krsljanin

The Arri Alexa has become the camera of choice for high-end drama and music videos. The music industry spends millions making their music videos look great. So, wouldn't it be a good idea if that "look" carried on into music-based TV programmes.

Well someone suggested that to Arri, which has developed the new Alexa Fibre Remote Box and a software upgrade that allows users to control the film-like parameters of the camera from a broadcast control panel. It is aimed at those customers “doing high-profile music shows who wanted to have a filmic look,” said Arri’s Director of Business Development, Milan Krsljanin here at IBC.

“This is not a camera for sports. It’s for programmes that want to reach new heights in terms of quality and the look,” he added. The camera can be used with PL-mount lenses or, via an adapter, B4 broadcast lenses (although you lose two stops – “but with the huge sensitivity of this camera it is not an issue”). Indeed, its sensitivity and dynamic range was why four fibre-equipped Alexas were used on a Coldplay concert in Paris just before IBC, intercut with conventional cameras – to avoid burnout on the faces in difficult lighting.

It uses a Telecast Copperhead system for fibre output, and the Alexa and Fibre Remote Box combination costs just €40,000 (which is price competitive for a studio/OB-type camera, but this doesn't include the Alexa SxS recording module, although that can be added later). The Box itself costs €10,000 (plus the Telecast system) if you already have an Alexa.

September 08, 2012

IBC Polecam Competition

Steffan Hewitt of Polecam

If you fancy owning the new Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and a Polecam Starter Pack - you should head to the Polecam stand C49 in hall 10 at IBC

Polecam have a simple competition to win more than €10,000-worth of equipment oh, and a Pelicase to hold it all in.

“We want them to be able to put it on a tripod, add their batteries and be ready to go,” said Polecam CEO, Steffan Hewitt. “It could be the start of somebody’s career.”

The guys at Polecam are always very welcoming and if you go with a bunch of business cards you can have five entries in the competition. If you can't make it to IBC then online visitors get one entry. There are also 101 runners up prizes of bottle openers - which double up as a Tripod Screw adjuster.

Good luck.

September 06, 2012

IBC 2012

Bicycles - lots of them...

Did I mention the bicycles?
Yes we're in Amsterdam

for IBC 2012

Trouble is still a bit of a mess 
boxes still need to be unpacked
shiny things need to be put in the right place
up a bit on the left...bit more
and someone needs to tidy up
that's more like it

crikey - who made that mess!
These guys really need to get a move on
looks like there are some new guys...

...with interesting names

OK - Beer for anyone who is ready first

 The IBC 2012 exhibition starts Friday 7th September at 10.30. We are here and ready to bring you best bits of kit. Hopefully the exhibitors will all be ready on time.