April 10, 2014

For-A focuses on 4K future

An updated FT-One high-speed 4K camera, a new extraction system to take HD windows from 4K images, and a 4K virtual studio system, are just some of the things that For-A has introduced this week at NAB, where it now boasts products for every stage of the 4K workflow — from capturing, processing, switching, and viewing, to recording.

April 09, 2014

Canon launches XF200 + XF205

Canon has filled the gap between the XF100/XF105 and XF300/XF305 with two new compact video cameras, the XF200 and XF205. The single-sensor cameras are designed for people shooting for multiple outlets, including the web, and come with WiFi and LAN connections - for the full story see Christina’s report on the Canon XF Notebook blog.

AJA Cion 4K/UHD camera

Yet another non-camera maker has entered the camera market: AJA Video Systems has announced a very nice looking 4K camera that doesn’t cost much more than the Blackmagic Ursa, but has some nice features.

The AJA Cion has a Super 35mm-sized sensor, with global shutter and 12-stops of dynamic range, and records using various Apple ProRes codecs, including 12-bit 444. It builds on AJA’s excellent reputation for external recorders, such as the Ki Pro, Ki Pro Mini and, most recently, the 4K Ki Pro Quad, so it had already built the back-end of the camcorder.

Panasonic HX-A500 4K action cam

The world’s first 4K 25p/30p wearable camcorder has been launched by Panasonic, as part of a growing Ultra HD ecosystem that encompasses home cinema, professional monitors, a new prosumer 4K DSLR (the GH4), and its 4K VariCam 35broadcast camera launched at NAB.

The new, lightweight HX-A500 UHD action cam can also record HD at 50p, and is waterproof (to 3m for 30 minutes) and dustproof.

April 08, 2014

Tiny Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Design must terrify the big broadcast camera manufacturers. Although its first cameras had their limitations, they were very good value. However, its third-generation cameras launched this week at NAB, look like proper broadcast and digital cinema cameras - but at budget prices.

The new Blackmagic Studio Camera, in particular, goes to the heart of the broadcast business for Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Ikegami, JVC and Hitachi, and overtakes them all. At just $1,995/£1,250/€1,500 for the HD model (which is available now), and only $2,995/£1,800/€2,200 for an Ultra HD (4K) version (shipping in June), they are incredible value for anyone putting together a TV studio.

Blackmagic Ursa upgradable camera

Blackmagic Design has announced a new high-end digital film camera with a user-upgradable sensor and lens mount, larger-than-normal 10-inch fold-out monitor, and a multi-screen design that should make it simpler to use. Its feature set and upgradability cover many of the most common requests on user’s wish lists.

The Super 35-sized Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) image sensor has a global shutter (so no more CMOS sensor rolling shutter effects) and will be replaceable, along with the lens mount, which can be EF or PL, or even, with a broadcast video sensor, a B4 mount.

April 07, 2014

Atomos Shogun 4K recorder launched

Atomos has announced a new 4K AppleProRes and RAW capable recorder, the Shogun, which uses new 12G-SDI and 4K HDMI connections.

The Shogun is the first 12G-SDI and 4K HDMI I/O monitor recorder, and features a 1920x1200 SuperAtom IPS 7-inch touchscreen (with 325 pixels per inch), 179ยบ viewing angle and 400nit brightness. The monitor can also automatically switch frequency (48/50/60Hz) depending on video input, to give smoother monitoring and playback. [UPDATE: It also won an award from the IABM at NAB as one of five Game Changers - see end for details].

Panasonic VariCam 4K + high speed

Panasonic has launched two new VariCam models: the VariCam 35 (shooting 4K Raw) and the high-speed (HD) VariCam HS.

The PL-mount VariCam 35 (AU-V35C1) uses a newly-developed super 35mm MOS image sensor (4096x2160 - 17:9) and can shoot 4K, UHD, 2K and HD, making it suitable for high-end filmmaking, commercials and episodic production as well as live 4K events.

Tiny Atomos Ninja Star recorder

Atomos has announced a new $295 action camera-sized Apple ProRes Compact Flash recorder, the Ninja Star, at NAB that should be ideal for use on remote-control helicopters or with point-of-view cameras.

“Our customers screamed for a tiny, flash-based Apple ProRes recorder and player for extreme applications, their second location cameras or simply when they already had a monitor,” explained Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “At $295 with low-cost Gen 1 CFast [solid state memory cards], weighing a mere 100 grams (3.5oz), its price, durability and portability is unmatched – this is one of our best creations yet.”