October 11, 2009

Making 3D a spectacle

The most common complaint when people watch 3D TV is that it gives them a headache. The cause, certainly when watching anaglyph images (red/cyan) is generally not the 3D, but the glasses.

Most cheap 3D glasses are made with whatever blue/green (cyan) and red gel a manufacturer has on the shelf. But "if you get the blue wrong you might get a headache, and if you get the red wrong you won't see 3D," according to Daniel Llovet (pictured), marketing director of broadcast filter maker, Cotech. It has launched a range of custom 3D glasses. "We can match any colour any 3D designer may wish."

With programmes like Chuck broadcasting 3D specials, and broadcasters (particularly Sky) intending to roll out 3D services. Such glasses will be the main way to watch 3D unless we buy new 3D sets.

David Fox

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