February 09, 2010

Ikonoskop goes stereo with 3D A-Cam

Ikonoskop has created a 3D version of its tiny A-Cam dII uncompressed HD camera. The Stockholm-based manufacturer already has several clients lined up who want to shoot with the new camera, which will be built to order and could be five or six times the cost of the standard version. Both versions of the a-cam should be available by the Summer – the A-Cam dII at the new, lower price of 5,000 Euros.

The A-Cam3D will record 1920x1080 at 25 or 30 frames per second, uncompressed, at 12-bits, using Adobe's Cinema DNG RAW format. The video signals from each lens will be captured to two separate, timecode-locked 80GB memory cartridges.

The initial version (pictured) has been designed for action use, with a distance between optical axes of 91.5mm, and would weigh about 2.8kg including battery and memory cards. However, models could come with different fronts, to allow for the use of different lenses or lens positioning. This is one of several aspects that will have to be worked out in conjunction with the initial users, according to Ikonoscop's creative director, Göran Olsson.

"What's great about our camera in 3D work is that we work in uncompressed RAW. It's a very good thing for compositing," he said. "Also, for action, it is very compact. You can mount it easily and put it in tight situations." The only other twin lens 3D camcorder yet announced is Panasonic's $21,000 unit, which will record a compressed signal. There are compact 3D rigs for small cameras from several makers, but these won't be as simple to set up.

"We can provide our clients with something they can't find anywhere else," he said.

By David Fox

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