March 21, 2010

Video: The Future

At BVE 2010, we took part in an interesting seminar about the Future of Digital Video, organised by Rick Young of Also taking part were Larry Jordan (Producer, Director, Trainer and renowned Final Cut Pro guru) and Matt Davis (Producer and Director).

Rick recorded the session with four cameras, and has put the resulting videos on the site - Part 1 and Part 2.

Topics covered include: how to adapt and meet the changing requirements of clients and broadcasters; how to make the right investments in kit; the importance of efficient workflows; how to make the right format choice; what codecs to use; and how to reach your audience.

It was a very good session, which got a double time slot, although we could have carried on talking for a lot longer - it must have been reasonably interesting as I can only remember one person leaving during it (maybe the others had dozed off...).

Thanks to Rick for organising it and inviting us along.

David Fox

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