February 28, 2013

BVE2013: Tiring but successful...

Thanks to all who came to see us at BVE2013. The freelance seminar, in particular, was a huge success. Even though the seminar room was at least twice the size as previous years, there were still about 30 people standing, most of whom stuck it out to the end - so, sorry if you ended a tiring day even more tired than you should have been.

We got a great response, with lots of people asking further questions as we packed up, and some very nice messages on Twitter after the event, such as:

Nelly Diancova @DiamondsNickles
@UrbanFoxTV Marvellous presentation today. I am so driven to follow all the pieces of advice you shared with the audience. Big Thank you !

Giuseppe Cifaratti @CifGiu
My favourite seminar at today's @BVExpo was @UrbanFoxTV . Really valuable advice! #bve2013

Jamie Montgomery @scuuk
@UrbanFoxTV hey Christina, many thanks for the great seminars over the last couple of days at BVE.

Jayne Topping @JayneTopping1
@UrbanFoxTV Hi Christine - seminar yesterday was very helpful. Can you point me in the direction of the seminar info please? Thank you.

For anyone else, like Jayne, who wants to view the presentation to get all the links and information they couldn’t scribble down, the PDF of the PowerPoint is available at http://www.urbanfox.tv/seminar/

The earlier Skills Zone session down on the exhibition floor was also rather packed, although in much more limited space it was never going to be easy for everyone to crowd around or be able to hear everything. However, it was good to be able to answer people’s questions directly.

That was also the purpose of the previous day’s Ask The Experts seminar, where we had an excellent panel (thanks to the experienced producer/director Matt Davis - www.mdma.tv, post production guru Alex Gollner - www.alex4D.com, and audio consultant Nick Way - www.nickway.co.uk). Incidently, Matt has an excellent post on BVE2013 on his blog.

Unfortunately, the room was less than a third full, partly, it seems because the brochure description of the seminar didn’t really explain what it was about, according to some of those that came. However, there were more than enough questions to push us ten minutes over our time slot, so we hope that anyone who did come along got something out of it.

BVE itself certainly managed to draw the crowds, despite the move to docklands, although, like us, most arrived later in the morning than they did previously. Still, there was lots of interest on the show floor, some very good deals available, and lots of people to meet that we hadn't seen in ages....

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