February 28, 2015

Shogun records 4K in Avid DNxHR

The Atomos Shogun has become the first recorder to implement Avid’s new DNxHR 4K recording format, which is included in AtomOS 6.2 (available as a free download).

The 4K $1,995/£1,299 Shogun has been phenomenally successful, with more than 10,000 sold in just two months. “That was my six-month forecast. 4K is really taking off,” said CEO, Jeromy Young (pictured above), at BVE2015.

It is mainly selling to users of Sony’s new FS7 (who can use it to record 10-bit over both HDMI and SDI), the low-light Sony A7s DSLR, and Panasonic’s GH4. “They are the main three cameras really driving 4K at the moment,” he said.

Some Shogun users had wondered why Atomos was being so slow to add DNxHD recording to the Shogun, but the delay was due to its engineers working on the 4K version, which he believes will have a big impact as so many 4K/Ultra HD cameras are coming out.

AtomOS 6.2 also includes 3D look-up tables, which can be uploaded from editing packages. These can be used just on the Shogun’s screen, or on both screen and output (for monitoring), or can be burned in (for recording), a flexible implementation that he said “wasn’t easy. It required a lot of research.”

There is also down conversion to high-quality HD on output (both for loop out during recording and playback), as most infrastructure is still HD.

By David Fox

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