October 17, 2011

Lemo HD Z-Link digital optic link

Lemo’s new HD Z-Link is a compact digital optic link that provides multi-channel system camera-style video and audio connections, and control for studio cameras and camcorders alike over a single hybrid cable using Lemo 3K.93C connectors, effectively turning any camcorder into a broadcast system camera.

“It has dual 1.5Gbps HD-SDI channels, which allows us to run 3D or connect two cameras,” explained Phil Longhurst, Lemo’s Fibre Optic R&D Manager (pictured).

It can carry 3Gbps for 1080p (50 or 60Hz – there is also a 1080p return), genlock cameras to each other, has two return video channels, plus eight stereo audio channels for surround sound, and talkback, as well as HDMI and Ethernet ports. It also allows the use of a remote control panel in an OB truck to control the camera via the serial data port. There is a lockable, highly configurable control panel on the side. “It is very user friendly to configure,” he said.

There is a slimline power pack that can take power from an OB van for the Z-Link, camera, prompter and other systems. It can also be battery powered, and provides a 9v supply for camcorders.

Lemo hopes to deliver it in December, but “there has been tremendous interest” and demo prototypes have gone out to several broadcasters. The full system will cost €11,500, but there will also be a basic system (without 1080p, HD down converter, 3D, dual-link HD-SDI, and several control features) for €7,500.

By David Fox.

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