October 17, 2011

ExceLED 225 Nine Light LED

The new ExceLED 225 Nine Light from Videssence is a 225 Watt LED unit with an adjustable beam spread. In spot mode, with daylight (5600K) LEDs, the ExceLED 225 outputs more than 200 footcandles at 15m.

It is claimed to provide "the long throw and high light levels required for film and video in large production studios and similar applications."

The ExceLED 225 should provide a concentrated beam of light with even coverage at a consistent 3200K (5600K optional). Additional control can be achieved with the gel frame and spread lens accessory options.

It measures about 60x55x12cm, while an adjustable mounting yoke allows rotation for ease of focus and may be locked into place. The formed housings are .063 aluminium, post-painted with TGIC polyester powder coat with textured finish. The lights may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations.

It joins three other models in the range, the ExceLED 25; ExceLED 50; and the ExceLED 100, which we wrote about two months ago.

By David Fox.

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