November 25, 2011

Autocue Motion Pro stabiliser

Autocue has developed a new professional, handheld camera stabiliser, the Motion Pro, for DSLRs and compact camcorders.

"Autocue's Motion Pro is a great little handheld stabiliser. Like all stabilisers it takes a lot of practice, but the lightness of the device, coupled with the excellent build quality, makes this a great way to get those super slick shots without killing your arms," said London-based DoP, director and filmmaker, Philip Bloom (pictured above testing the device).

Motion Pro can cope with DSLRs and camcorders weighing from 450g to 2.7kg. The stabiliser handle has a foam grip for comfort and support that can be securely docked on a tripod mounting plate. For portability, the entire unit folds up flat in a small carry case. It costs £599/$799, plus £75/$125 for the tripod docking station (below).

The introduction of Motion Pro, which Autocue has designed and built, is part of its continuing diversification into new areas of broadcasting. Having become synonymous with tele prompters, it now provides newsroom and scripting systems, video servers, monitors and tripods.

"The reception Motion Pro has received from professionals like Philip Bloom validates our investment in the detailed engineering, design and testing, culminating in yet another class-leading product," said Autocue CEO, Frank Hyman.

By David Fox

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