December 13, 2011

Teradek Bond low-cost mobile ENG

Teradek's new Bond is claimed to be the lowest-cost device that enables on-location video transmission over mobile phone networks by combining multiple 3G dongles for fast, reliable upload speeds. 

It should allow higher quality video to be uploaded to the internet or to a receiver from anywhere with access to a 3G network. Bond is based on Teradek's Cube encoder technology, and the camera-mounted device is smaller than rival systems.

Bond is also the lowest power 3G bonding system, is designed to attach to digital camcorders, and can support up to five 3G or 4G cellular modems simultaneously from multiple carriers worldwide.

"Teradek's Bond is a real game-changer," claimed Richard Payne, Business Development Manager at the UK distributor Holdan. "It's small, light and high performing. But, just as importantly, with a power consumption of less than one Watt and an astonishingly low price point, it is neither a drain on battery reserves nor precious production budgets." Its list price is £1,725 ($2,490), a lot less than some competitors.

Bond uses adaptive streaming technology, which continually optimises the bitrate and buffering to adjust for varying network conditions. During transmission, the video data is automatically deconstructed for streaming over multiple cellular modems. The data is received by Sputnik, Teradek's de-bonding software, which recompiles the video stream into a single MPEG-TS stream that is compatible with most H.264 decoders (such as Cube, which is claimed to be the smallest and lowest priced H.264 to HD-SDI decoder available).

Bond weighs 170g and is similar in size to a pack of playing cards, and Holdan believes it is ideal for ENG backhaul, sports broadcasts, and live events coverage. It comes with Teracentral management software, Sputnik MPEG-TS compliant aggregation software, a power-supply, hot-shoe mounting adaptor and a USB cable.

By David Fox

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