February 17, 2012

FREE freelance survival talk - Bristol

At BVE this week I did my one hour seminar on "How To Survive As A Freelancer".

We had a great attendance with people sitting in the aisles and crowding outside the entrance. But, if you missed it, and live in the Bristol area...

Standing room only at our BVE talk

I'll be doing it all over again for FREE on Thursday 
23 February 2012.

We'll be giving info and help on:
  • Getting your finances sorted 
  • how to get paid and what to do if clients won't pay up
  • getting professional advice 
  • marketing your services 
  • the two best ways to get more work
  • and some thoughts on alternative ways to make money
There will be other speakers there too - giving advice on financing, specialist insurance and accounts.

You will need to book a place by emailing Selwyn Foreman at:
or call 07958 127 925

There will be a whole day of talks suitable for those about to become freelance or have been for a while, or for small media businesses.

Networking and exchanging business cards at the first talk

Explaining the quickest way to get paid

Here are some nice things people have tweeted about the talk this week:

Rebekah Taylor @Rubyekah
@UrbanFoxTV -Fantastic talk yesterday surviving as a freelance. A must see If u're there 2day catch her at 15:00 go watch! @BVExpo#BVE2012

David Symington @davidatkeencity @UrbanFoxTVThanks for a great seminar on how to survive as a freelancer!!

Celes @Celes
@UrbanFoxTV hi, thanks for your talk at bve.

Adrienn Major @_MissMajor_
really enjoyed @UrbanFoxTV 's seminar for freelancers #BVE

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