February 21, 2012

Teradek makes Case for WiFi assist

The new Teradek Case is a turnkey video assist system that enables remote analysis over the internet as well as video monitoring on up to 20 iPads.

It was launched by its UK distributor Holdan at BVE last week, and is claimed to provide everything productions need for wireless proxy recording and field monitoring.

Using the wireless encoding technology from Teradek’s Cubeit, it facilitates almost instant multi-user wireless access and remote monitoring. Cube is pre-configured to begin recording a proxy file automatically the moment record is pressed on the camera. Instant dailies are created on a built-in Mac Mini server in .MOV or .MP4 formats. The recorded file shares the same file name, start and stop times, and timecode as the original full resolution master. The proxy is available for immediate review on directors' monitors.

Case makes monitoring more interactive, with LivePlay, which allows iPad users to view takes and add comments in customizable data fields with managed user privileges. Notes are recorded on screen enabling users to record their commentary directly to the proxy file.

The system is preconfigured for optimal wireless video streaming with a powerful wireless access point that can transmit HD video over a range of 300m.

It costs about £2,500 and comes in a Peli housing, making it portable, water and dust resistant when closed, with a shock resistant lining.

By David Fox

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