March 13, 2012

Fujinon in HA19x7.4 lens drama

Fujinon has started shipping a compact drama lens, the 2/3-inch HA19x7.4BERD, which had its first UK showing at BVE.

“It has reduced pumping compared to a typical ENG lens, and it has the new Fujinon servo control with the comfort grip,” said Stefan Czich, sales manager, broadcast products, of Fujinon’s UK distributor, Pyser-SGI. He hadn’t thought the comfort grip was important when he read about it, but having tried it he thinks it will be a lot more comfortable to hold and offer greater control when pointing the camera down, as it has more space to place your thumb and for using the little finger to control the camera.

It costs about £12,500 with servo focus, and there is also a BERM, servo zoom manual focus, version for about £12,000.

Also shipping now is the XA20sx8.5BERM, a low-cost HD lens with a 2x extender for 2/3-inch cameras for under £3,000. “It’s not a bad spec at a very, very good price,” said Czich.

By David Fox

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