June 28, 2012

For-A FT-ONE 4K slo-mo camera

The world’s first full 4K super slow motion camera has been launched by For-A. The FT-ONE will record up to 1,000 frames per second at a resolution of 4096x2160, making it ideal for movies or for major events, such as sports, where producers might want the ability to crop HD frames from the 4K pictures, or for archive in anticipation of 4K transmissions in future.

Images are captured as uncompressed raw data on the system’s internal (RAM) memory, which has a recording capacity of 8.5 seconds at 1,000 fps (the prototype camera does up to 900fps). This data is then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges. Each cartridge is capable of storing 75 seconds of full 4K resolution images, enabling up to 150 seconds with a maximum of two SSD cartridges. It can output uncompressed DPX files, which are widely used for movie mastering.

The camcorder will be able to simultaneously record and play back in full 4K resolution. At the user’s preference, one output channel can provide either full 4K output, or four 1080p HD-SDI outputs, while the other output channel provides down-converted HD-SDI for live viewing and the control menu.

The FT-ONE uses a high-sensitivity CMOS colour sensor, the FT1-CMOS, developed by For-A, which uses a global shutter, so you won’t see any of the skew or wobble effects caused by the rolling shutter usually used on CMOS sensors.

“While digital cinematography has been widely adopted within the motion picture production and post production communities, there has been a technology gap—the ability to record super slow motion image at full 4K resolution,” said Hiro Tanoue, President for For-A Corporation of America.

“The new FT-ONE completes the 4K workflow by introducing this ability, with the high-level performance this application demands. We chose Cine Gear Expo as the venue for our breakthrough announcement since this event draws key decision makers and creatives seeking the latest solutions for high-end entertainment production. With the FT-ONE camera rolling, they can rest assured they won’t miss that critical action shot.”

The FT-ONE camera uses a PL mount lens is designed as a self-contained unit that is claimed will be dependable and easy to use. It weighs 7kg with dimensions of 235mm(W) x 294mm(H) x 384mm(D), and should be available in September for between $120,000 and $150,000.

[UPDATE: Latest version now has optical fibre output built in as For-A builds 4K ecosystem around it, including 4K extraction, HD-4K upconversion, 4K virtual studios, and more - see For-A focuses on 4K future for more...]

By David Fox

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