September 09, 2012

Ronin on the rack

Ninja 2, Canon C500 and Samurai
We're used to seeing Atomos Ninja and Samurai units attached to cameras, but it has now launched a version of the popular field recorders for the studio and OB market with a new rack-mountable version. 

The Ronin can switch between battery, mains and DC (D-tap) power, giving it “triple redundancy, which is perfect for OBs,” said Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young.

Battery, mains and D-tap power
Two can fit in a rack, but it also has flip-up feet for desktop use, and can run just off batteries for portable use. The units have dual XLR audio i/o, serial interface for deck control (and can also be triggered from cameras and switchers), and will record ProRes or DNxHD. A unit will cost $2,195 (about €1,650), but the Ronin Duo (with two units in a rack mount will be $3,995 (about €3,000). It can also offer HDMI i/o if used with Atomos’ Connect convertor products and should ship in the New Year.

Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young with his Samurai portrait.
Also on show is a prototype: the Recordinator, another rack-mountable unit built for a customer who does chat shows and wanted a recording system that the director could easily start/stop – via large, friendly buttons. It can have quad recording (with mirroring or ISO feeds) and works with Samurai or Ronin units, which can be used to add metadata to the recordings.

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