September 09, 2012

Hague Camslide Easyglide + PH200

Hague Camera Support is one of those companies that always manages to come up with an affordable bit of kit to buy on a tight budget. [I own one of its DSLR Camframes]. If you need a camera mounting doohickey the Hague website will usually have what you need.

Here at IBC it is showing its latest low-cost slider, the Camslide Easyglide, which offers smoother movement thanks to new internal low-friction bearings. The system, costing from £180, is designed to be simple to set up and includes an extra wide track and 105mm-wide/100mm-long carriage for extra stability.

It supports up to 8kg and comes in lengths of 1m or 64cm (which can be joined for extra length). The camera can be fastened directly to the carriage, or an optional video or ball levelling head can be used between the camera and carriage. The slider can be mounted on a tripod, table or floor.

It is also showing an “affordable” remote control power head that it claims is about half the price of some of its nearest rivals.

The new PH200 Pro Remote Pan + Tilt Power Head is said to be ideal for use on tripods or jibs (such Hague’s K12 Multi Jib), has variable speed as well as a joystick remote, and supports cameras weighing up to 5kg.

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