March 19, 2013

Litepanels LED light launches

Litepanels has several new LED lighting products at the NAB2013, including a new bi-colour version of its 1x1 panel, three new lighting kits, and the first NAB appearance of its largest Fresnel fixtures.

The new 1x1 LS Bi-Color is the latest in the Litepanels range of flat panel 30cm x 30cm (1ft x 1ft) fixtures. The soft, directional output is adjustable from daylight to tungsten, and boasts 100% to zero dimming with no colour shift.

Colour and dimming adjustments are provided via on-fixture knobs. Other features of the LS Series fixtures include: flicker-free analogue dimming and power by AC or DC, but without studio-specific components such as DMX control for dimming and colour changes. The entry-level priced 1x1 LS Bi-Color is aimed at budget-conscious markets.

Litepanels also has three new traveling kits featuring its 1x1 LS fixtures:
          - the LS Traveller Duo Kit, with one 1x1 LS Flood and one 1x1 LS Spot;
the LS Traveller Trio Kit, with two 1x1 LS Floods and one 1x1 LS Spot;
the LS Traveller Trio Plus Kit, with two 1x1 LS Bi-Colours and one 1x1 LS Flood.

The kits come with light stands for each fixture and a hard sided carrying case.

It is also showing production models of the largest members of its Fresnel fixture family (pictured top): the Inca 12 (tungsten balanced) and Sola 12 (daylight balanced) fixtures.

These combine the performance of large Fresnel fixtures with the advantages of LED technology. Both versions supply controllable illumination comparable to a 2K traditional fixture while using a lot less energy than traditional tungsten or daylight Fresnel fixtures. They have custom-designed, lightweight Fresnel lenses, and should emit even, collimated light that is easily controlled manually or via an integrated DMX module to facilitate remote dimming and flood-spot focusing simultaneously.

By David Fox

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