March 25, 2013

Teradek VidiU live streaming encoder

Teradek’s latest live streaming encoder, the $699 VidiU has just gone on sale, although there will be limited supplies for the first month.

It is designed to enable you to stream SD or HD video (up to 1080p30 or 1080i/60) on the web without a PC or laptop, either direct from a camera (via a wireless link) or from a video switcher, making it easier to do live web productions (or to put live broadcasts on the web). 

It connects via HDMI and encodes video in real time using high profile H.264 compression and AAC audio from 250Kbps up to 5Mbps. Embedded HDMI audio, headphone output, and a mic/line input are supported.

VidiU has API level integration with the Ustream and new Livestream platforms, to make streaming to your channel on these platforms as simple as logging into your account. You can, of course, use any content delivery network, as VidiU has a generic RTMP interface.

For wireless use, VidiU streams over dual band MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) WiFi, Ethernet, or via a single 3G/4G USB modem. Its rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows users to roam cable-free for up to 90 minutes.

VidiU can also stream a second video feed to an iPhone or iPad, via a free iOS application, for monitoring your live broadcast. As VidiU acts as its own dual band Access Point, you can connect your device directly to it or to your local network.

It is compact enough to sit on a camera hot shoe, at 7.5cm (3-inches) wide, by 10cm (4-inches) deep, by 2.5cm (1-inch) high, and weighs 142g/5 ounces.

By David Fox



  2. Do you know how you would get audio to sync with video...our microphone goes to the sound would we feed that to the camera and then the hdmi would take both to the vidiu?