April 25, 2010

Motion slickness

Why would a battery need a motion detection sensor? To deploy a parachute if you drop it…. Or to keep you informed of earthquakes…. Or even so its little LEDs can glow red with embarrassment if you dance.

Apparently not. In fact, Anton/Bauer has added motion detection to its latest camera battery because it "significantly increases battery life".

The new 120 Watt-hour capacity Dionic HCX uses motion detection so that it can go into a deep sleep after two weeks without use, and then wake up as soon as you move it. This allows extended storage with "nearly zero capacity loss", and extends the overall life of the battery by mitigating lithium-ion battery self-discharge when the battery is not in use. 

Once Anton/Bauer integrates the Dionic HCX with its Battery Management System users will be able to program the length of inactivity needed prior to the battery going to sleep.

The 1.09 kg battery can also withstand high instantaneous current draws in addition to 10 amp sustained current draws, and can power a 40 Watt camera with a 20W light for more than two hours.

By David Fox

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