April 13, 2010

XDCAM eXtended by a half…

Sony has added to its XDCAM range with a new, lightweight shoulder-mounted camcorder with three half-inch sensors. The new PMW-320 (announced at NAB) is basically a cross between the EX1R and the PMW-350.

To the sensors and functions of the EX1R it adds enhancements such as a Scene File System and four-channel audio of the 350. It weighs just 3.2kg (plus lens and battery, and anything else you add), which should make it a very comfortable system for anyone who needs to run around a lot carrying a camcorder – certainly a big improvement on hand-holding an EX1.

It can do slow/fast motion, with speeds from 1-60 frames per second in 720p mode, or 1-30fps in 1080p, can be bought with a 16x Fujinon HD lens, or as a body only, and records to two SxS cards.

It effectively competes with Panasonic's HPX-300 camcorder (watch our video here). The Panasonic has a higher bitrate 10-bit 422 compression system while the Sony has larger sensors (and probably a higher price).

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By David Fox

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