April 04, 2011

Ianiro's shining new Alladin lamp

Ianiro has introduced a new LED version of its Aladdin 12v on-camera light that is about as bright as a 50W conventional tungsten unit with less than half the power consumption (18.7W or 9.3W).

Ianiro's lighting engineers have found that only high quality LEDs in particular arrays can deliver real efficiency and the right balance between consumption, performance and longevity. They claim that many earlier generation LED systems "have lacked the efficiency or performance required by television producers."

Ianiro's latest lights use Ianileds, which benefit from precise LED colour groups combined with new custom-designed printed circuit boards. They use Osram Oslon SSL LEDs, which are very small light sources designed to maximize efficiency, and have resulted in a slim, compact lighting unit that is claimed to deliver "directed light with outstanding efficiency." The light employs a mixed configuration with six white LEDs balanced by an amber LED to produce a colour temperature suitable for digital acquisition (about 5600K with quick White Tune settings of Warm at 4500K and Cool at 6500K). CRI is claimed to be more than 90.

The light has a wide-angle beam (80°) that is suitable for 16:9 production, is claimed to deliver a natural skin tone, and has a lifetime of around 50,000 hours.

It has a dimmer control, with colour temperature constant across the range, and a flip down tungsten orange filter (3200K). It comes with barn doors, a hinged arm and a D-Mount/Power Tap connector (other power connectors can be fitted).

By David Fox

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