April 08, 2011

Movietech dolly escapes its chains

Movietech has announced a new version of its Arco camera dolly, which has been re-engineered to improve reliability, simplify maintenance and reduce the cost of ownership.

The Movietech Arco Dolly has become a familiar piece of equipment on film and TV sets. It has gained a reputation for being simple to operate, lightweight, sturdy and versatile. The latest technical enhancements should make it even easier to own.

The hydraulic system is now mounted on an easily extractable drawer system, to allow instant access for maintenance without having to dismantle the gearbox. The hydraulics themselves have been simplified with just one flexible tube from the circuit to the pressure chamber, dramatically reducing the chance of oil leaks.

The dolly's transmission chains have been replaced by belts, which reduces weight and means no need to grease or clean regularly, no wear of mechanical components and no need to regulate the tension.

Finally, thanks to a new valve mounted directly on the piston, it is now possible to regulate the speed of the arm much more easily.

"The dolly has always been a seriously impressive piece of equipment, being capable of lifting 60Kg five times on a single charge. Its new mechanics make it even more reliable and simple to maintain whatever the weather, terrain or shooting style," said Nick Allen-Miles, managing director of the Arco's UK distributor, Ianiro UK.

By David Fox

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