April 05, 2011

Atomos Ninja bug slips ship date

Deliveries of the Atomos Ninja have been delayed. It was expected to start shipping in mid-February, but a bug was discovered in the release firmware that had to be put right. However, the latest word from Atomos is that it should finally start deliveries about now....

"We had a very strange bug in the release version that has taken us a few weeks to fix, we are shipping this week, I am testing all now," explained Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young.

[UPDATE: The Ninja is now on firmware 1.04, and really is shipping, although in limited quantities. We've just had one delivered for review. There is still work to be done, especially on improving playback of recordings, but Ninjas should be out in force at NAB next week, alongside the new Samurai - which will have a slightly larger screen (at 5-inches compared to 4.3-inch, and with higher resolution - 800x400 compared to 480x270) and use HD/SD-SDI inputs instead of HDMI. It will loop through the SDI signals for use in other equipment, such as a monitor, and have timecode and genlock - it will even allow you to sync multiple Samurais, which could be useful for 3D use. There should also be the ability to extract 24p (3:2 pulldown) from 60i PsF footage in realtime (using hardware). It should cost about £929/€1,095/$1,495.]

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