June 01, 2011

Fan riot destroys 1st Antelope camera

The first of LMC's all-new Antelope MkII cameras was destroyed when some 500 fans staged a pitch invasion at the Frankfurt Arena, knocking down the system including an expensive 100x lens and the tripod.

The high-speed camera (serial number 001) got a shot of its assailant as he grabbed it, and he was identified by the police and arrested the same night. It happened following a Frankfurt vs Cologne match, and LMC's Head of Technology, Christian Schreiber, was operating the new camera. "It was pure chaos," he said. "He simply knocked it over… My heart missed a beat. As a developer it's cruel to see something like that."

The Antellope MkII has only just gone on air, following its introduction at NAB. The Ultramotion system is based on the Phantom 641 chip and was used first for Formula 1 coverage in Spain. According to another of its developers, Nikolai Bonstedt, the control system makes the system unique. "Both the RCP and the OCP are absolutely stunning when it comes to the variety of functions, the reaction time and the precision of the operating," he claimed.

The MkII can record at up to 5,350 frames per second in HD and its ENG-style housing allows handheld operations, particularly useful for events such as boxing or athletics, as it can be easily relocated during the production. It can be used with any B4-mount lens, although LMC recommends Canon's J100x for close-up shots or its J22x for handheld use.

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By David Fox

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