June 21, 2011

ABC Products' high-strength Jib 100

Following its well-received DSLR Light-Jib, ABC Products has launched Jib 100, which can support up to 20kg (more than four times the payload of the light jib), for use with larger cameras. 

The Jib 100 is claimed to be "extremely sturdy", manufactured to a high specification with a robust, rigid structure. Its build quality means that it should have the reassuring strength and stability to support fully rigged broadcast and film cameras, from the Panasonic HPX3700 or Sony PMW-500 to the Arri Alexa or Sony F900R. "The jib is built to last and will give directors of photography precision results time after time," said the company.

It should give users smooth and controlled camera movement to create a fluid effect to a shot, and comes with integrated horizontal and vertical brakes as well as a fine trimmer to level the jib for maximum control.

It has a boom-length of 1.62m, and if it is attached to a tripod the arm will allow for over-head or ground level shots. It can be used with any heavy-duty tripod with a 75mm or 100mm head.

"This is a great example of German engineering," said Nick Allen-Miles, MD of Ianiro UK, distributor for ABC Products. "Its industrial-strength is class-leading and, as with all ABC Products, it's designed to be quick to assemble so there's no time lost in production waiting for the jib operator."

The Jib 100 is reasonably portable, packing down into a 1.5m long carry case and weighing 19kg.

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