June 22, 2011

Grass Valley updates Edius 6 NLE

Grass Valley has announced several upgrades for its Edius 6 nonlinear editing system, including the ability to ingest live video on one Edius client while beginning to edit on a different system, as well as extended file format support.

With Apple having delivered a Final Cut Pro upgrade that has fewer broadcast features than the previous software, Grass Valley is enhancing its broadcast offering - although it does only run on Windows...

The new Simul Capture Option is designed for live productions, where being able to simultaneously edit on one Edius system while still ingesting on another one enables much faster turnaround, making it ideal for breaking news. It also allows the speedy creation of playlists on the fly.

Edius clients connected via K2 SAN or Edius Workgroup Storage can individually access and edit the video, allowing for multiple edits from the same source.

Videos can be ingested as MXF format (MPEG-2, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO, HQ codec) as well as AVI format (Grass Valley’s HQ and HQX codec and Uncompressed). Editing markers can be placed within the captured live content, allowing for a smoother editing workflow.

The Simul Capture Option will cost about $2,000 when it ships in July.

Faster workflow

Grass Valley will also have a free update of the Edius software next month. Version 6.03 will support extra video file formats and hardware-assisted H.264 encoding, and add support for Grass Valley’s Edius NX, SP and HD legacy hardware.

Users will be able to do 50p and 60p file import (supported by JVC and Sony camcorders), allowing for a smoother workflow within Edius 6.

Anyone using a computer with Intel’s Second Generation Core Processor, will also get support for Quick Sync Video Hardware H.264 video encoding of MP4 files to complement the AVCHD acceleration introduced in Edius 6 version 6.02. This will mean faster than real-time encoding of videos for iPhone or Play Station Portable, as well as H.264/AVC videos up to 1920x1080p50/60.

Edius 6.03 will also support the legacy Edius NX and SP PCI-based i/o and acceleration hardware and the HD PCI-X based HD-SDI i/o breakout box, in addition to the current Storm range of editing hardware.

By David Fox

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