July 25, 2011

bebob's light + thin 75Wh batteries

German camera accessories company, bebob has added two new 75Wh battery models to its range. 

The 75 and 75plus are extra light and thin batteries designed for powering LCD-monitors and small camcorders, such as the Sony F3, Canon DSLRs and Panasonic's AF101.

The 75plus battery model stands out thanks to four built-in Hirose-4Pin connectors, with both 7.2v and 12v available, meaning that this 14.8v battery can supply power to multiple audio accessories directly from one location at the audio mixer.

“We got the impetus for the 75plus batteries from our close collaboration with film academies. This co-operation is very constructive and we use these relationships to identify the continuing needs of experienced operators as well as new users," said bebob Managing Director, Pierre Boudard (pictured). "In this case the decisive input was given by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany."

“Finally a compact and lightweight solution to supply audio applications centrally. It’s a pleasure to experience that bebob listens carefully and works on the ideas given by users,” confirmed Bernd-Siegfried Michalek, department Mobile Technology, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

The batteries are available in A-mount (Anton/Bauer compatible), or V-Mount versions.

Also new is the ML-120 Hot Swap Adapter, a buffer that keeps the camera powered while swapping the main camera battery.

It offers an uninterrupted power supply for the Arri Alexa (pictured), Red One, Sony and Panasonic cameras. It warns when a battery needs to be swapped, two minutes before it runs out, then self-charges from the new camera battery for the next swap.

By David Fox

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