July 28, 2011

Glidecam iGlide Smartphone Mount

The new Glidecam iGlide Smartphone Mount is designed to allow smart phones such as Apple's iPhone to be attached directly to its HD-1000 Hand-Held Camera Stabilizer, to transform mobile phone video into smooth, professional-looking footage.

The lighter the camera, the more prone to shake it becomes, and mobile phones are amongst the smallest, lightest cameras, so need stabilising more than most.

The iGlide and HD-1000 combination will allow the phone to float, always balanced, and isolated from any shaky hands. The iGlide costs $49, while the HD range of stabilizers costs from $399.

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By David Fox


  1. I got this one on Amazon. It doesn't work for heavy cameras, but for cameras about 2 lbs and under it does a nice job.glidecam

  2. Tried the Manfrotto 585-1 and found it to be a little filmy. It may be OK for super light cameras, but none of mine worked. Got this one on Amazon and so far no complaints.camera stabilizer