July 28, 2011

Chrosziel Aladin Mk II S3D control

Chrosziel's new Aladin Mk II is an eight-channel lens remote control, offering 3D control capability and versatility.

It includes a modular handset and a small receiver that controls up to eight motors, which it calibrates automatically. For more advanced setups, the receiver has a display, so there is no need for an extra monitor.

For stereoscopic 3D shooting, the Aladin Mk II is claimed to be the only system currently able to operate focus, zoom and aperture on both camera lenses and also control angles and distance between cameras simultaneously, thanks to its eight channels.

It can control and power the internal motors of digital Canon and Fujinon lenses, with no external motors required for zoom, focus and iris, and no extra power supply. Communication and power run through the serial auxiliary port of the control box, which makes life easier and is more cost effective, especially when using a Steadicam.

An RF spectrum analyzer can help identify sources of wireless interference and pick the best transmission channel at any particular location, and if there is interference on all 16 channels, simply attach a cable using the BNC connector and a standard Video-BNC line.

Chrosziel is also developing an option to record timecode and metadata for post-production.

By David Fox

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