September 18, 2011

First Alexa M cameras ship to CPG

Arri has delivered production prototypes of its modular Alexa M camera to the Cameron Pace Group. The M was developed with CPG for use in 3D rigs.

“The Arri team has been amazingly responsive to the needs of the 3D market by creating the Alexa M,” said Avatar director and CPG Co-Chairman, James Cameron. CPG will be the exclusive distributor of the Alexa M in its Phase 1 rollout.

“The success of 3D will be based on designing technology that supports the creative process of the filmmaker; we are excited about the Alexa M towards that goal. The team at Arri has brought to the industry a great step forward toward quality 3D,” added Co-Chairman and CEO, Vince Pace.

The front-end of the Alexa M transmits uncompressed RAW sensor data at around 18 Gigabits per second to a back-end image processor/recorder using a hybrid fibre optic cable that can also power the head. Weighing well under 3kg, the Alexa M head has multiple mounting points.

The fibre means the head can be up to 1km from the body, which “allows for some unique and extremely innovative 3D camera applications. We hope CPG will take full advantage of them in the months ahead,” said Franz Kraus, Managing Director of Arri Munich.

The feedback Arri gets from CPG will help develop the final production version expected early 2012. Arri will also integrate elements of CPG’s 3D rig automation technology into the Alexa M.

By David Fox

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