September 28, 2011

PAGlink increases battery versatility

PAG's new PAGlink system of smarter, smaller and lighter linkable batteries is claimed to have greater energy density than any other system marketed so far.

The PAGlink V-mount lithium-ion batteries link together to multiply capacity and run-time, and can be transported in passenger aircraft without quantity restriction.

They will power all classes of camera and allows users to link multiples batteries (two, three or more – up to eight). Three linked batteries weigh less than 2.2kg but can create a single unit of nearly 20Ah (288 Watt-hours), extending run time and allowing up to 12A current to be drawn. The batteries incorporate heavy-duty contacts designed for high-drain applications.

PAG has also created an intelligent network, enabling batteries to communicate with each other and operate as one. This allows batteries to be charged as well as discharged whilst linked. Charging can take place on any V-Mount Li-Ion charger, such as the PAG Cube, or IDX and Sony equivalents – because they can all be linked while charging, it means you'd only have to bring one small charger to charge eight batteries.

PAGlink offers a choice of on-battery displays. The PL96T has a numeric run-time display, while the lower-cost PL96e (pictured on the back of a Red camera above)  has a five LED indicator, displaying state of charge to 20% and run-time to a resolution of ten minutes. The multiple batteries can report their collective state of charge information for display in the camera viewfinder.

They also have precision temperature management, extending low temperature performance down to -20°C, and can be hot swapped at any time without interrupting the flow of current.

By David Fox

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