September 05, 2011

New generation Ianiro LED lights

Ianiro is showing prototype Fresnel-lens LED lights at IBC using newly developed LED arrays.

Its new 180W device compares well against its similar-size Solaris tungsten 1kW. The prototype uses three Ianiro custom assemblies: Solaris LED C (cool white), Solaris LED W (warm white) and Solaris LED WT (tunable white), which it combines to give a more accurate light.

Ianiro has been cautious about adopting LED technology, believing it "has been the victim of inflated expectations" and sees its potential as only just starting to be realised.

LEDs can overheat if driven beyond the manufacturers’ recommended limits, affecting colour temperature and reducing both output and durability. Many LEDs can now be powered up to 3A (compared with earlier 350mAh and 700mAh units), but most are powered at 1A/1.5A, for greater stability. To balance performance and efficiency, Ianiro's prototype does not push drive current to the maximum.

As multi-diode assemblies, LEDs can suffer from shadowing, depending on distance from subject and placement of individual LEDs. To counter this, mono-chip arrays, with LEDs mounted closer together, reduce shadow fragmentation and improve uniformity and control. Improvements in lenses and hoods to limit shadows allow switching from Par-type lights (multi-LEDs with small lenses of different angles) or simple Panel units, to true single-front-lens projectors that allow for changing the angle from spot to flood.

LED assemblies are also becoming available with better CRI characteristics, suited to TV and film, but at high colour rendering, less light is produced so there is still a compromise between quality and output.

Ianiro will market test its early models before final technical data is announced and the final ergonomic designs released.

By David Fox

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