August 17, 2010

Videssence launches LED key lights

LED lights can do just about anything traditional fixtures can, as Videssence demonstrates with a new range of key lights. It will have three models making their European debut at IBC: the ExceLED 25; ExceLED 50; and the ExceLED 100.

The numbers refer to the Wattage of each model. The ExceLED 25 is a compact, low heat LED, measuring 24x23x11cm, and can be used for broadcast or studio general accenting, key lighting or back lighting. Its concentrated beam "can compete with many 500 or 650 Watt Fresnel fixtures in spot beam focus", claimed the manufacturer.

The ExceLED 50 uses two of the 25W LED cubes in a fixture measuring 45x36.5x12.5cm and light levels are claimed to come close to many 1kW Fresnel fixtures in spot beam focus.

The ExceLED 100 (pictured above) is claimed to be the most powerful 100W light beam available in LED. Sized at 45x48x12.5cm and it can provide an adjustable beam-spread without lenses, using only one set of LEDs. An adjustment knob at the back of the fixture rotates to move from spot thru flood mode and locks in place, giving large production studios and other areas that require a long throw and high light levels a viable LED option.

The ExceLED 100 is able to produce "amazing light levels" at a distance of 7.6m or more. It out performs a typical 1kW Fresnel fixture in spot beam focus and comes very close to competing with many 2kW fixtures. The ExceLED 100 daylight option can replace a 400W HMI fixture.

All models generate a concentrated beam of light with even coverage of consistent 3200K light (5600K optional). Additional control can be achieved with the gel frame, lens and barn door options. They should have a 40,000-hour life.

By David Fox

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