May 18, 2012

iCue Teleprompter for iPad

The iCue Teleprompter application for the iPad from Prompter People is claimed to be “smooth, clear and simplistic”, with lots of options, although with several other iPad prompters available, there is plenty of competition.

Text can be altered to change size, font, colour and visibility. The background colour is also adjustable. iCue works as a stand-alone application, but with iCue's display mirroring feature it becomes more usable if combined with one of Prompter People’s many iPad teleprompter set ups.

The $4.99/£2.99 iCue also allows for different control methods, such as the infrared wireless remote included with the Flex Series, Proline or UltraLight iPad teleprompters, as well as the free iCue Remote app. This turns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote control complete with playback, speed, search, scroll, timer control and shuffle. iCue can also be controlled using any Bluetooth keyboard.

Loading a script into iCue can be done by uploading text from emails, copied across via iTunes on a computer, downloaded from a web server, imported from other apps, or shared from another iCue equipped iPad.

For timing it can count up or down from a specific time, and can also be switched to a mirrored display when used with a suitable prompter mount.

By David Fox

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