May 28, 2012

World first ultra-slowmo PoV camera

The compact new LMC Antelope Pico is claimed to be the world’s first high-speed point-of-view camera to record at up to 330 frames per second in full HD.

Launched at NAB, it can provide a permanent HD-SDI live video output as well as a replay channel that can deliver from 25-330fps in HD1080i (and up to 660fps in extended/double image mode).

At 330fps it can deliver a 30 second replay using 32GB of memory. Its output modes cover 1080i 50/59.94/60 and 1080p 23.98 to 1080p 60 at 4:2:2, and it will also have a 23.98p to 30p 4:2:2 / 4:4:4 RAW and 2K option.

The small camera head measures 29x29x50mm, which should allow it to fit into spaces where no slomo camera has gone before, making it useful for covering goalmouth action, inside cars, or on board yachts.

It uses a 2K 2/3-inch global shutter CMOS sensor, takes 12-24v power and comes with 3D synchronisation. It takes C-mount lenses, with PL and B4 mount adaptors available.

The sensor has reasonable light sensitivity, at over 600 ISO, with 9.5 stops dynamic range. There will also be a high-dynamic range option. Features include: on-board de-flickering; image flip/flop (horizontal/vertical); and dynamic replay.

Both software-based and RS232 serial controls are available. LMC has designed special remote control and operational control panels to integrate the Pico into a professional broadcast environment that will allow production companies to use one RCP and one OCP for up to four cameras. Wireless and fibre systems will also be available.

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By David Fox

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