May 18, 2012

Libec extends reach with Swift Jib50

The Swift Jib50 telescopic jib arm is Libec’s latest, easily portable camera jib, designed for both in the studio and location use.

A remote control box, monitors and a remote head can be fitted to the jib with minimal effort. Like the existing Jib30, the Jib50 is claimed to be quick, compact and dynamic, and can be set up in minutes.

Rather than fixing on extension units, a time consuming and often fiddly process, the Jib50's arm simply extends by turning the lock levers. Despite this additional mechanism, it can support reasonable loads.

Fully extended at 190cm it can hold up to 10kg load, as much as some systems can manage at a metre length. At its shortest setting (100cm) it can hold up to 20kg of equipment.

"Producers have become used to working around the limitations of their grip, as changing jib arm length has been something of a chore, especially on location where camera operators prefer to travel light. With Jib50 this is no longer an issue. We think its extendible arm, combined with its sheer strength make it an excellent choice,” said Nick Allen-Miles, MD of its distributor, Ianiro International.

It comes in kit form with a padded carrying case, weighs 16.4kg and costs £1,895.

By David Fox

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