December 20, 2010

3D Experience on course for success

Sony Professional has opened its first European Customer Experience Centre, providing 3D training courses and demonstrations of other equipment.

The centre, at its UK offices in Basingstoke, has already been used for 3D training, with the Guild of Television Cameramen having three one-day courses over the past two weeks (the courses are free to members and were in such demand that a third had to be added).

The Centre is equipped to demonstrate Sony's lens to living room story, and includes 3D rigs and camera systems (pictured above by Christina with three GTC members), a production gallery complete with MPE-200 multi format 3D processor, professional 3D monitors and consumer 3D TV sets.

Besides 3D, there is also a fully functional TV production gallery including the latest switchers and Sonaps system. A further demonstration area will feature Sony's latest software, such as HDXchange, Media Backbone and Ensemble.

“Until now our ability to demonstrate a functional broadcast workflow to customers has been restricted due to the space and equipment requirements. This new Experience Centre will change that, allowing us to work with our customers to understand the issues which they face and working collaboratively to solve them," explained David Bush, Director of Marketing, Sony Professional.

“We know from the Sony 3D Technology Centre in Culver City, USA, that customers are appreciative of being able to experience equipment and improve their skills in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. We hope that our European customers will gain the same benefits, from this.”

It is also upgrading its Studio+ facility, which will become a fully fitted cinema complete with 2K, 4K and 3D projectors in January.

Sony has been making "a massive investment" in training and support for dealers. Its current Creatology tour includes training classes, seminars and exhibits all over Europe.

It has also put up a useful series of videos giving an overview and introduction to various aspects of 3D, presented by its 3D trainer, Paul Cameron, who conducted the workshops for the GTC.

By David Fox

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