December 23, 2010

Panasonic will buy your 1st 3D film

Make a short 3D film with Panasonic's AG-3DA1 integrated 3D camcorder and you could have it bought by the manufacturer for €4,000.

It has set up a programme to encourage professional 3D production and wants users to submit their first short film, which it will use for promotion over the next two years. The programme is open to European production companies or independent professionals (whether cameramen or directors), and is not aimed at consumers.

To qualify, the AG-3DA1 must have been purchased between 1 December 2010 and 31 March 2011 (and registered with the programme by 15 April 2011). The production must be produced with this newly bought AG-3DA1E and saved to a 3D-BluRay or BluRay (side by side) disc. Only one production per camcorder can be submitted.

The film must be creative and demonstrate innovation and artistic flair, and must be between three and four minutes long. It can be in any language, but must not include any advertising or any material subject to third-party rights. Productions containing "morally harmful content will not be accepted."

"Innovations in technology show that, this time, the third dimension is here to stay. 3D is delivering dynamic, engaging content and transforming both the viewing experience and the industry as a whole. This initiative is designed to encourage filmmakers to produce new and exciting content and support the industry as it advances into the 3D world," said Adrian Clarke, General Manager, Panasonic AVSE.

By David Fox

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