December 14, 2010

World's first HD DSLR EVF ships

South Korean camera accessories manufacturer, Cineroid, is the first to ship an electronic viewfinder attachment for DSLRs, ahead of Zacuto and Redrock.

"It's shipping this month. Any others that have been shown won't be shipping until Spring," said Tony O'Connor, director of Cineroid's exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Octica.

An EVF has been a major request from video users of DSLRs, who want to be able to work in the way they have been used to with traditional camcorders, rather than being forced to be in line with the lens, as they generally are with the camera's LCD or a loupe viewfinder attachment.

The Cineroid EFV-4L includes HDMI loop through, so it can also be used with a separate HDMI monitor for others to view while the DLSR user looks through the viewfinder. The EFV-4L also offers Peaking and Pixel Mapping to make focusing easier, as well as Underscan and audio out via a stereo 3.5mm phono jack or mixed mono via an integral speaker.

The 3.2-inch, 800x400 resolution, wide-angle LCD screen is fitted into a lightweight, compact single unit viewfinder design, and boasts "an intelligent menu" with user settable memory keys. The detachable Loupe also flips up to allow the screen to be used as a monitor.

It is supplied as a kit in a carry bag with an HDMI cable, mini ball head, battery and charger, and can be attached to any shooting set up via a hot shoe or articulated arm, and costs £549.

Octica is also exclusive UK distributor for Chrosziel, Bebob and Protech, and will be introducing other products from Cineroid, including a new wireless follow focus, next year.

By David Fox

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