January 26, 2011

3ality Digital + Arri Media join forces

Arri Media is to supply 3ality Digital's active stereoscopic 3D shooting systems to the UK’s TV and film market.

The new partnership will expand equipment availability, as 3ality Digital’s systems will be available to rent direct from Arri Media’s London and Manchester bases.

Content producers will also be able to demo or test the systems in one of the six Arri Media test rooms, at its offices in Uxbridge. There they can gain familiarity with 3ality Digital’s technology and ensure that it meets their requirements.

The agreement will also see Arri Media becoming the UK service centre for 3ality Digital’s products.

“Arri Media has over 20 years’ experience working closely with some of the biggest names in the UK’s film and TV industry, so they provide the perfect platform to expand the availability of 3ality Digital’s products. They fully understand advanced digital technologies, have industry-recognised technicians and support and are the perfect partner for us on this side of the world. Arri Media has a stellar reputation and we look forward to working closely with them," said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital.

The systems are already in regular use in the UK. BSkyB uses 3ality Digital equipment for acquisition for its 3D HD satellite channel, since using it on its first S3D broadcast, the Manchester United v Arsenal football game in January 2010.

“3ality Digital’s reputation for being the best in the 3D industry has been built on the quality of their products, which are at the heart of S3D. The company is capable of equipping at the highest level in the S3D world and together with Arri Media’s camera and grip range, we will be able to provide customers with complete S3D production solutions," said Bill Lovell, Head of Arri Media's Digital Department.

Arri Media recently supplied 3ality rigs to SK Telecom, Korea, to shoot Mozart l’opéra rock (Mozart – the rock opera) in Paris, using six 3D rigs (and an OB truck from Euromedia) at the Palais des Sports to capture the event, initially for cinemas across Europe then for global release. It also supplied 3ality rigs and Alexa cameras for a shoot in London, featuring the dance group Diversity, for Sky 3D.

Steve Schklair on the HD to 3D transition from UrbanFox.TV.

By David Fox

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