January 25, 2011

Century goes wide for XF300/XF305

Century, part of Schneider Optics, has released a new HD Wide Angle lens attachment for the popular Canon XF300 and XF305 camcorders.

The new WA-8XLC-XF Wide Angle Converter attaches directly to the front of the camcorder's built-in 18x zoom lens to increase viewing coverage by 20%. Recent approval from the BBC for HD broadcast production has increased demand for the XF300/XF305, but at 29.3mm (35mm lens equivalent) at its widest, it doesn't have a particularly wide-angle lens.

In operation the Century .8x Wide Angle Converter will allow full zoom functionality, providing a 20% increase in coverage through the entire zoom range.  The WA-8XLC-XF is claimed to offer: "superior edge-to-edge contrast with low distortion and chromatic aberration." The adapter has a bayonet mount that fits directly to the front of the lens with a twist and lock mechanism, and should take just a few seconds to attach.

Further lens accessories for the XF300/XF305 are being developed by Century and should be available shortly, including a .6x HD Wide Angle Adaptor, Fisheye HD Adaptor and 1.6 HD Tele-Converter. Its UK and Ireland distributor is IDX Technology, and the WA-8XLC-XF is available for about £750.

By David Fox

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