January 26, 2011

Sky endorses Technicolor Certifi3D

Technicolor's new 3D certification programme, Certifi3D, has been endorsed by content owners and network operators, including BSkyB. The certification programme is geared towards broadcasters, network service providers and content owners, with the goal of delivering quality and comfortable 3D experiences to viewers.

Sky 3D - setting the standards from UrbanFox.TV.

“As the first operator in Europe to launch a 3D channel, Sky is at the forefront of both capturing and commissioning 3D content for broadcast on its platform. Sky aims to provide our customers with the very best quality and value 3D content across movies, sports, drama and the arts,” said Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, Broadcast Strategy at BSkyB (video above). “We therefore see a clear need for innovations like Technicolor’s Certifi3D service that will help the creative community to deliver consistently high quality and safe 3D content, which will in turn maximize the comfort and enjoyment of the 3D experience for our customers.”

Certifi3D was demonstrated at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was created to ensure that 3D material meets minimum comfort requirements before it is delivered to consumers. As part of the service, Technicolor evaluates each shot against a set of objective criteria for stereographic reproduction, including a 15-point quality checklist to identify common errors in production that result in suboptimal 3D content. The company will also offer training to broadcasters and content creators to help them migrate their production and post-production techniques from traditional television to the three-dimensional medium.

“We are very excited that BSkyB is endorsing our 3D certification program,” said Pierre Routhier, Technicolor’s VP for 3D product strategy and business development. “Together with our customers, we will take a proactive approach in support of the industry to ensure a consistent and quality end-consumer 3D experience in the home.”

By David Fox

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