January 26, 2011

3D specialist Pointy Stick launched

A new creative-driven 3D production company has been established by 3D production services and tech company Inition and director/creative technologist Michael Lindsay.

Pointy Stick is representing a roster of emerging talent and brings together original, creative minds from around the world, all of whom are already successful in 2D but are forging new paths in stereoscopic 3D work.

Pointy Stick’s commercials director roster includes Fredrik Callinggard whose Ikea commercial, Kitchen Dreams, won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2006; Gaute Hesthagen who has a track record in high-end film and commercials; founder Michael Lindsay whose 3D work includes live event content for Unilever brand TIGI and a series of 3D films for De Beers; Mike Brady, who works across music, commercial and corporate video and recently directed a 3D ad for Royal Mail; and award-winning wildlife duo Deeble & Stone who recently collaborated with Inition to produce a 3D pilot for their feature film Distant Thunder.

“Pointy Stick stands out in the field for having both creative credibility and fantastic 3D technical credentials under one roof," claimed Inition director, Andy Millns. "We have the crucial technological lineage and support built up in Inition, which is a major defining asset. The most exciting thing about this new venture however, is that we now have the framework in place to focus on expanding the creative parameters of what is possible in 3D.”

“Creatively, this is an exciting time to be working in 3D as most of the defining pieces of the medium are yet to be made," added Michael Lindsay. "There is very little creative precedent to lean on which makes 3D a challenging medium to work with but one with huge potential. Bold, innovative and creative S3D films are our primary interest.”

Lindsay and Millns first worked together on series of 3D films for a global launch event in Las Vegas in 2006. Since then the pair have collaborated on a number projects. Pointy Stick has already completed work for DeBeers (for a no glasses display at its London and New York stores - pictured), LG and Unilever and shot pilots for music and documentary projects.

By David Fox

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