October 27, 2010

Ninja ProRes workflow + recording

Atomos Ninja - compression, workflow and benefits from UrbanFox.TV

Following our previous, brief introductory video about the new Atomos Ninja HDMI ProRes recorder, we did a much longer interview with Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young at MacVideo Expo. He explains how the compression works (with a good demonstration of how ProRes compares with more highly compressed codecs), the workflow, and the benefits of the Ninja - it would often be better to use it (or another external HDMI recorder) as the only recorder on some DSLRs as they output a lower resolution signal via HDMI while they record in camera.

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  1. Very interesting deepening on this product...many thanks URBAN FOX TV!

  2. i need to shoot 30fps can this support it I don't see it on the list. i cant shoot in 24 to 60 only 29.9 or 30

  3. The initial version (which should start shipping next week) seems to be 50/60i or 24/25p in 1080 or 50/60p for 720 only. Atomos will be at BVE 2011 in London next week, so I'll try to ask them. Sorry for not answering your query earlier, we've been away.

  4. Steve,

    30p (and 25p) recording will come in the next firmware upgrade, scheduled for March 1 - see our latest post: http://urbanfoxtv.blogspot.com/2011/02/ninja-ships-disappoints-dslr-users.html