November 02, 2010

Best in show: TX + Delivery

The editorial teams of TVB Europe and the IBC Daily highlight the best new products at IBC every year, in every hall and every category. These are all written up (by me) for the October issue (downloadable in full as PDFs or readable online by clicking the top right of the TVB home page).

You can also view the full list of winners for Transmission + Delivery products, with more information on each product, but here is that list in brief.

Bluestreak – Mach Blue XT - first integrated Flash and HTML5 application development platform.

DVB – 3D TV standardisation - a standard for 3D transmission, for frame compatible TV.

Front Porch Digital – DIVApublish - It does deep analysis of archive content to generate searchable metadata (using speech recognition, face detection and scene classification) and then publish online.

JustAd.TV – IPTV advertising - "We're serving targeted, interactive advertising on TV, which no one else is doing," said CEO Yariv Erel (pictured right).

Omnibus – iTX Enterprise Suite - aims to double channel density for half the hardware cost (pictured top).

PlayBox Technology – TrafficBox - cost effective integrated traffic and playout system.

By David Fox

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