November 10, 2010

Zeiss extends Compact Prime range

Zeiss CP.2 100mm/2.1 CF CloseUp from Stefan Czech on Vimeo.

Carl Zeiss has expanded its Compact Prime CP.2 lens series with two new focal lengths: 50mm with macro; and 100mm with close focus function. These lenses have been developed for filming with HD DSLR cameras and extend the range to nine lenses of 18-100mm.

The 1.49kg CP.2 100 mm/T2.1 CF can focus as close as 70cm. The 1.35kg CP.2 50mm/T2.1 Makro allows close-up shots to be taken at a distance of just 24cm. All the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses come with interchangeable PL-, EF- and F-mounts. They will cost from €3,700.

Zeiss also plans to offer the Compact Prime range with Micro 4/3 and A-mounts. “The possibility of using our CP.2 lenses flexibly for three different camera systems is not only interesting for new customers. Stores that rent cameras and camera equipment also benefit from the lenses’ enhanced flexibility," said Michael Schiehlen, Head of Sales of Carl Zeiss AG Camera Lens Division.

In its collaboration with Arri, there is now a new Arri/Zeiss 12mm/T1.3 Master Prime – the range now goes from 12-150mm over 16 models.

By David Fox

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