November 12, 2010

Indie shows 3D in the RAW

Vienna-based IndieCam has a new, modular 3D system ideal for Indie filmmakers, with small cameras and the ability to record RAW video.

The tiny 1080p 50/60 cameras output a 10-bit RAW file, using Adobe's Cinema DNG format. The prototype system uses single 2/3-inch CCD sensors that produce a 12-bit signal, going through an in-camera look-up table, which means it is not just a linear translation, so it can retain more of the 12-bit goodness. It can also output YUV 4:2:2.

The small cameras mean the rig could have an interaxial distance of just 40mm (although that depends on the size of the C-mount lenses used).

It is also developing its own Shuttle recorder that can record the RAW files and acta as a camera controller. The Shuttle has two HD-SDI inputs, and multiple power outputs, for monitors, etc., but IndieCam is also designing a remote control system for it, which would give users the option of recording on another HD-SDI recorder, such Convergent Design's nanoFlash or the AJA Ki Pro Mini. "It is not necessary to use the camera heads with our Indie Shuttle system," said Peter Niklas, software and hardware development (pictured).

Camera aids include histograms or zebra stripes, and it can create anaglyph previews on its 7-inch monitor. The LCD is sunlight readable and will come in DVI or SDI versions.

The full system is expected to cost less than €40,000. Although the camera heads are available now, in limited quantities, the recorder and controller will probably not be ready until NAB. The remote control should be available this month.

The system has been used on a few projects so far, including one multicam shoot with 12 3D rigs.

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By David Fox

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