November 01, 2010

Best in show: Acquisition

The combined editorial teams of TVB Europe magazine and the IBC Daily highlight the best new products on show at IBC every year, in every hall and every category.

These are all written up (by me) for the October issue (downloadable in full as PDFs or readable online by clicking on the top right of the TVB home page).

You can also view the full list of winners for acquisition products, with more information on each product, but here is that list in brief.

Best new cameras - 2D:

CanonXF300/XF305 - the most affordable cameras on the BBC's list of approved cameras for HD production.

Hego – OB1 - A camera system that captures six viewpoints simultaneously from one position.

ImeciVC - The imec Virtual Camera takes live feeds from at least two cameras at once to create a new viewing angle or even create 3D video.

PanasonicAF100/AF101 - the first professional camcorder using a DSLR-sized sensor (pictured top).

Panasonic HPX3100 wireless camera control system

Best new cameras - 3D:

3D One - integrated 3D camera with binocular viewfinders.

ArriAlexa Plus and its new 3D upgrade

CanonXF105 - although this is a 2D camera, the way it uses its Optical Image Stabilisation system in 3D mode makes it innovative.

Frontniche – VC-3100 HD - An Ortho-Stereoscopic camera that removes the need for a convergence operator.

IndieCam – 3D camera system - uses tiny 1080p 50/60 cameras that can output 10-bit RAW (Adobe Cinema DNG) video (pictured above).

Best new lenses:

Fujinon3D lenses - Five zoom lenses that should make 3D lens set up and synchronisation easier because they are matched pair with a new control system.

PolecamHRO 69 - ultra-compact 3.5mm lens is designed for miniature 3CCD HD cameras (pictured right).

By David Fox

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